A Guide To Finding An Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal Service

With the nation becoming more eco-conscious than ever before, rubbish removal companies are expected to go above and beyond to protect the environment whilst doing their job. To help you find the most eco-friendly provider to complete your waste clearance and disposal, we have compiled this handy guide to finding an eco-friendly rubbish removal service!

1. Ask About Their Recycling Record

The most simple and effective way to find out how eco-friendly a rubbish removal company are is by asking about their recycling record. Typically, they will present this to you in terms of a percentage figure on what proportion of the waste they collect is recycled and re-used opposed to ending up in a landfill. For a better idea of what a positive recycling record looks like, many good service providers have recorded that roughly 80-90% of all waste they collect and dispose of is recycled. A figure around this is a strong indication of a rubbish removal service that is committed to protecting the environment.

2. Discuss The Potential For Your Waste Specifically

Another way to determine how eco-friendly a rubbish removal service is is by asking specifically about how they will manage your waste in an eco-friendly way. For example, if you are looking to get rid of plenty of clothes, they might say that they have a charity that they provide clothing to. Alternatively, if you have a lot of WEEE waste, they might discuss how this will be processed and which parts can later be recycled. This is a good way to gain an understanding of how ethically and responsibly they will manage your rubbish removal project in particular.

3. Ask About Their Partnerships With Associations

It is also a good idea to ask about their partnerships with associations who might either give them the facilities to recycle more waste than other companies or accept items to resell. In particular, many rubbish removal service providers will be paired with local charities who they supply items in clean and working condition to, ready to resell. Alternatively, the company might have strong ties with a very efficient and environmentally focused recycling plant which enables them to achieve even greater levels of recycling.

4. Do They Offer Additional Initiatives?

Some rubbish removal firms go the extra mile to protect the environment. For example, some firms will participate in initiatives like planting a tree for every rubbish removal job they take on. Initiatives like these show a strong commitment from the rubbish removal company to protecting the environment and make them a great choice for eco-conscious individuals. Some other companies might only commit to local jobs, which means that they don’t transport waste as far and can subsequently cut down their carbon emissions. Even the smallest initiatives can make a big difference on the whole.

5. Read Reviews

Lastly, you should read reviews of the company and their services since these will demonstrate whether or not the information the company has given to you about their practice and processes is reflected in the work they do. Since individuals should receive waste transfer notes after the completion of a rubbish removal job, those leaving reviews might be able to give a clearer view of how much waste is recycled and how seriously the company takes their eco-obligations.

For more impartial reviews, we recommend asking individuals on local Facebook pages about the service and company or looking at online review sites rather than the testimonials displayed on the company site.