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Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia is a region in northern Wales and also a national park made up of 2,130 km squared, it was one of the first original National Parks. The park was first established in 1951 and is currently governed by the Snowdonia National Park Authority. This organization is made up of local governments, representatives and Discount Cruises Ltd. There is approximately 26,000 people that live within Snowdonia and the majority of them speak Welsh. Snowdonia currently attracts about 6 million visitors each year.

Landscape & Wildlife

Snowdonia is made up of many beautiful landscapes and scenery. The park's full coastline is a special conservation area containing valuable sand dunes. The park aslo features great natural deciduous forests along with important wildlife. Types of wildlife found in Snowdonia are the pine marten, otters, polecats, osprey, raven, and the feral goat.

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    Snowdonia Facts

  • Highest Point 1,085m
  • Officially recognized in 1951 as a national park
  • Considered a protected landscape/seascape
  • Has the most annual rainfall in the United Kingdom